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Sept. 1 – OFF

Sept. 4 – OFF

Sept. 5 – C

Sept. 6 – D

Sept. 7 – E

Sept. 8 – A

Sept. 11 – B

Sept. 12 – C

Sept. 13 – D

Sept. 14 – E

Sept. 15 – A

Sept. 18 – B

Sept. 19 - C

Sept. 20 – D

Sept. 21 – OFF

Sept. 22 – OFF

Sept. 25 – E

Sept. 26 – A

Sept. 27 – B

Sept. 28 – C

Sept. 29 – D

BTSD Attendance Awareness Campaign Flyer               BTSD Attendance Fact Sheet
Absence Notes: (Click here
Absence Notes Required:  Absence notes are required for all absences, and absences shall be considered as unlawful until the school receives a written excuse explaining the absence.  Absence notes must be submitted within three (3) days of the return to school.  Notes received after the three (3) days but before fifteen (15) days will be considered by an attendance committee.  Parents/guardians may submit absence notes until the tenth (10th) absence, after that only notes from a licensed practitioner of the healing arts are accepted.

PTO Flyers
There is a PTO meeting on Tuesday, September 12th at 7:00 PM.
     - Introduction and general information letter
     - Please help support our Keystone family
     - Come join us for Skate Night  
             Where:  Palace Roller Skating Center
             When:  September 21, 2017

Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack each day.  Students must bring a snack they can eat within 10 minutes.  
     * Snacks are limited to the following:  Fruit, vegetables, cheese, pretzels, goldfish, nut-free granola bars.
     * Students are welcome to bring a water bottle.  (Please do not send beverages other than water.)
     * Make sure that your child's SMALL healthy snack is easy to eat in the classroom.
     * Pack your child's snack separately from their lunch.  The school does not provide snacks and children cannot visit the cafeteria for snack time.   
     * DO NOT send in nut products as there may be students in the class with nut allergies.  Please read your snack labels and DO NOT send in snacks that state: "Manufactured in a factory containing nut products."
     * This snack is a working snack.  Your child will have snack while they complete assignments.  Please do not send in any item that will take longer than 10 minutes to finish.
     * Snack labels will not be read by school personnel.  This will be the responsibility of the adult sending the snack to school.   

2017-2018 School Supply Lists

Attention parents and guardians- there are new requirements for anyone who wishes to volunteer in a public school. Please click here to find out more information regarding the required forms which must be completed before you can volunteer in school.

Image result for box tops for educationBox Tops for Education
Continue to save the Box Tops for Education and send them into school with your child.  Thanks in advance!

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Help Keystone Elementary School by signing up for the Giant School Rewards Program. You can go directly to and select CREATE AN ACCOUNT to register online using your Bonuscard. Keystone's school ID is # 40536.

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We are happy to announce that we have partnered with to their charitable site AmazonSmile!

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices and convenient shopping/shipping features as The only difference is that when customers shop at AmazonSmile(, the AmazonSmile Foundation donates .5% of the price of eligible purchases to our school, Keystone Elementary School.

There is no cost to Keystone Elementary School, to the Keystone families or to AmazonSmile customers! The shopping and pricing experience is identical to with the added benefit that the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate to our school. Please, if you are shopping Amazon, go to and use your same log in/same passwords as your regular amazon account. Please select our school: Keystone Elementary PTO, Croydon PA (There are a lot of similar names)
Thank you and happy shopping!

Drive or walk your child to school?
        When you are in the drop off/pick up line, we ask that you remain in your car. When in the line please do not walk your child to the building. This causes congestion at our crosswalk and makes it difficult for our staff to see the children leave the premises. We also remind you to use the crosswalks at all times. Our parking lot is small, and we experience heavy traffic, students not using the crosswalk are placing themselves in danger. Please use the crosswalks and encourage your children to do the same.

School starts promptly at 9:20 AM.  Students that arrive after 9:20 will be marked late.

Walkers:  Walkers line up at the front door near the primary playground.  The doors open at 8:50 AM for breakfast.  All other students are allowed to enter at 9:05 AM.
Car Riders:  Students arriving by car enter at 9:05 AM at the Learning Resource Doors.  Parents should pull into the drop off line and REMAIN in their car.  Children should try to exit out of the car on the sidewalk closest to the building and walk directly to the entrance.  Parents are asked to remain in their cars to keep the line continuously moving.  Any parent that needs to park, must find a spot in the lot and walk your child across the cross walk near the playground.  Please Note:  To access the parking lot, you need to enter off of State Road onto Church Street or Tulip Avenue. There is no access to the school from River Road for car riders (River Road is just for buses that are dropping off.)
Bus Riders:  Bus riders are let into the school at 8:55 AM.  No cars should enter the bus entrance off of River Road.  

School dismisses at 3:45 PM.  
Walkers:  Students who are walking exit the building through the front doors.  They should remain on the side walk in front of the school.  Students should remember to walk and go directly home.  
Car Riders:  Parents arriving to pick their child(ren) up should pull up in the car line and remain in their vehicle.  Students will walk to your car and when it is safe the car line will move forward.  To ensure all students safety and to effectively move the car line it is very important to remain in your car and to follow the directions of the school safety officer.
Bus Riders:  Children are dismissed to their buses under the guidance of the classroom teachers.  All children need to walk to their bus.  Children are only allowed to ride the bus that they have been assigned to by the district.  

Early Dismissal
Students who will be picked up early must have a written note to give to their teacher.  Please be sure to include your child's full name, classroom teacher's name, and time of pick up.  This information will be sent to the office.  
PLEASE NOTE:  No phone calls will be accepted after 3:00 PM for early dismissal or for a change in your child's transportation home.

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