Mrs. Jahani

Hi,      I’m Mrs. Jahani and i’m so excited to have you in my 5th grade class,B104, this year.  I’ve been busy planning a fun year, and I am looking forward to sharing it with you. You will be learning so many amazing things in our classroom this year that it will feel like time is flying by.
                 See You Soon, 
                       Mrs. Jahani 


 Please feel free to contact me if you need help obtaining any of the needed supplies. I have extras and i’m happy to share. Please do not worry if you are not able to find exact colors, size items, or brands. The list sent home in June was a general 5th grade list, and I am slightly less specific. Please do what works for you and your family’s budget. Please find the supply list more tailored to our classroom needs.


1.         Soft pencil case

2.     2 Glue Sticks

3.         1 Pack of Markers

4.         Crayons

5.     Regular supply of Pencils

6.         Red pens

7.         Pack of Sticky Notes

8.         2 Dry Erase Markers

9.         Colored Pencils

10.       Hand pencil sharpener – with a lid to catch the shavings

11.        2 packs of index cards for word cards

12.       One box of zip sandwich bags for word card ( Dollar store brand                                   


13.       Pair of scissors                                                          14.       Lysol wipes ( Any brand/ size welcome)

15.       Box of Tissues

16.       Five Folders with pockets ( the thicker the better!)

           Label all with:  Name, Homeroom, Subject:

                        -Test folder



                        -Social Studies and Science


17.      Plastic HEAVY DUTY folder with fasteners: Label 100 Book Challenge

18.      6 thick marble copybooks

             ( Label with Name, Homeroom, Subject)


          -Reading, -Math,  -Science/SS,  -Writing,  -Agenda,  -Math  



Contact Me: 

Keystone Elementary School
1800 Keystone St.
Croydon, PA 19021

267-599-2470 EX 3908