We have comprised a supply list for the 5th grade students for the new school year, so that you will not be overwhelmed in September.  We would like the students to have the following 


1. 6 thick marble copybooks for Mr. Branton, Mrs. Campbell, Ms. Edwards, Mr. Flint, Mr. Kennedy, and Mrs. Jahani classes only (NO SPIRALS)

 2.  Only Mrs. Smoose’s class 6 spiral copybooks (NO MARBLE)

 3. One pack of 24 crayons (not Mrs. Smoose’s room)

4. 2 Fat glue sticks to be collected 

5. one pack of colored markers (NO PERMANENT OR SHARPIES)

6.  regular pencils and resupply constantly please

7.  ruler (Mrs. Smoose’s room only)

 8. red pens (not Mrs. Smoose’s room)

 9. loose leaf paper

10.  one pack of 5 x 7 index cards (not Mrs. Smoose’s room)

 11.   one box of tissues to be collected (2 boxes for Mrs. Smoose’s room)

12.   one pack of post-its 3”x 3” (approx.) to be collected (not Mrs. Smoose’s room)

13.   one large size box of Ziploc bags / similar brands (not Mrs. Smoose’s room)

14.   one set of dry erase markers (Mrs. Smoose’s room needs 2 boxes)

15.   one Green Plastic HEAVY DUTY folder with fasteners (used for 100 book) 

16.  1 pair of scissors        

17.   Lysol wipes / similar brands to be collected (not Mrs. Smoose’s room)

18.   Soft pencil case

 19. One standard pack of colored pencils (Mrs. Smoose’s room needs 2 boxes)

20. One hand pencil sharpener with a lid (Mrs. Smoose’s room needs 2 sharpeners)

21. One set of gel pens (Multicolor)

22. Ear buds or headphones in a Ziploc baggie with your name on it.

23. Folders with pockets: 

Label all with:  name, homeroom, subjects: 

            (Blue) Test folder  

            (Purple) Math 

            (Red) Reading 

            (White) Social Studies and Science 

            (Yellow) Writing            

            (Green) Extra (only Mrs. Smoose’s room)