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Hello and Welcome to Ms. White's Page!

I hope everyone had a super great summer.  I sure did! I was busy riding my bike, visiting with friends, driving my kids around, playing with my dog, and painting my kitchen cabinets! Whew!  

I suppose by now you have been to the third grade supply list.....  Every year I request a separate list but it always gets lost in the shuffle!  So hopefully you will see this and spread the word to any of your classmates.  This is all you need for Mrs. White's class:

1 inch binder
1 pack of pencils
1 marble notebook
1 pack of black expo markers
1 small headset for computer

Tissues are always welcome but certainly not required.
No need for a pencil box, crayons, or folders.  I am an excellent shopper and purchased everything on sale weeks ago.  

Definitely skip wipes and hand sanitizer.  I have soap and rags!

 I hope I didn't take the fun out of back to school shopping!  (But perhaps now you can splurge on that super cool backpack or sneakers!)

I look forward to meeting everyone soon!

Mrs. White