Strive For Less Than 5 Absences

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What: A county-wide effort to improve student attendance
Where:  Bristol Township School District
When:  2023-2024 school-year
How: Parents are encouraged to Strive for 5 or Less absences for their children
Why: Studies have shown that students with good attendance have greater academic success. Students missing just 2 days of school per month tend to fall behind academically and find it extremely difficult to recover fully in the classroom. These students are at risk for retention and dropping out.

TSD Attendance Policies and Procedures
1) The first ten (10) absences in the school year MAY be excused by a parent/guardian note OR a healthcare provider.
2) After ten (10) absences, a DR NOTE will be required for each additional absence for the remainder of the school year.
3) Absences shall be considered unexcused until a written note is received by the attendance secretary within ten (10) school days. A text message to your child’s teacher is NOT acceptable.
4) Notes that are received after the 10-day deadline may be considered by the attendance committee for extenuating circumstances.

1) After the 3rd unexcused absence (no note received within 10 school days), parent/guardian will receive a warning letter from their child’s school. Along with the letter will be an invitation to attend a School Attendance Improvement Conference.
2) At the School Attendance Improvement Conference, a plan will be developed to identify resources and strategies for improving the student’s attendance.
3) If the unexcused absences continue, referrals to an attendance program or Bucks County Children and Youth will be made.
4) Continued unexcused absences will result in a citation in front of a District Magistrate.
For more information, contact:
Suzanne Skinner, Home and School Visitor for Truman, FDR and Keystone at 267-599-2078 or by email at: [email protected]
Leslie Rothberg, Home and School Visitor for Armstrong, Mill Creek and Brookwood at 267599-2039 or by email at: [email protected]

Absence notes are required for all absences, and absences shall be considered as unlawful until the school receives a written excuse explaining the absence.  Absence notes must be submitted within three (3) days of the return to school.  Notes received after the three (3) days but before fifteen (15) days will be considered by an attendance committee. 

Absence Notes: (Click here)

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